The purpose of this working group is to oversee the health and maintenance of the s390x port of various Linux distributions to ensure that the s390x port remains a supported architecture for them all. To this end, the group will collaborate on shared challenges and successes, work together to nurture new contributors, and make sure they also have the infrastructure they need.

Project proposal (status: approved):

Mailing list:

Meeting / event calendar:

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Slack channel: #linux-distros-wg

  • Goals of the working group
    • Create a place to collaborate across Linux Distributions via an OMP mailing list, wiki, and chat.
    • Provide a space for distributions to request for help on their port.
    • Ensure any and all infrastructure required is available for supporting the ports.
    • Better support from IBM to fix s390x specific bugs
  • Non-goals of the working group
    • Be directly responsible for the s390x port contents.
    • Creating a fork or duplicating any of the existing infrastructure or processes maintained by the distributions.
    • Make statements suggesting that any distribution is preferred over any other supporting the s390x architecture.
  • Deliverables
    • Wiki page that links to all resources for participating distributions.
    • A living document for sharing s390x porting tips that are shared across distributions.
    • Identification and nurturing of new contributors for distributions needing them.

Elizabeth K. Joseph (IBM) and Sarah Julia Kriesch (Accenture, openSUSE) are the leaders of this Working Group, and the TAC member sponsor is Mark Post (SUSE).


We started having meetings in January 2022. All meeting minutes can be found here: Meetings


Sarah Julia Kriesch "Collaboration instead of Competition: The Linux Distributions Working Group at the Open Mainframe Project" at FOSDEM 2022 on Sunday, 6 February 2022.

Distribution-specific resources


The Debian s390x team has a mailing list at: and their own port page at

Elizabeth K. Joseph has been rallying contributors to continue support for Debian on s390x.


Fedora 390x is built alongside all the other architectures in the main Koji build system. It is shipped as a secondary architecture to mirrors, rather than a primary architecture.

Dan Horák is the primary contact for s390x in Fedora.


The ZSystems team for openSUSE has a wiki page here: and a mailing list at

openSUSE is building for s390x alongside all the other architectures with the Open Build Service under .

openSUSE Tumbleweed as a rolling release and openSUSE Leap 15.3 are available for s390x.

Sarah Julia Kriesch has been leading the efforts for s390x in openSUSE.

Rocky Linux

The Rocky Linux s390x port is currently in progress. Venues for communication regarding the s390x port are at:

The contacts for s390x efforts at Rocky Linux are:

  • Louis Abel <>
  • Mustafa Gezen <>

Space contributors


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