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10 Oktober 2023


  • Elizabeth K. Joseph (IBM)
  • Sarah Kriesch (openSUSE)
  • Daniel Horak (Fedora)
  • Neil Hanlon (Rocky Linux)

  • Jijo George (IBM Tessia Project)

  • Berthold Gunreben (GSE Linux and z/VM Working Group)


  • Elizabeth and Sarah gave 1 talk about openQA in the SDLC of Linux Distributions as part of the OMS and spoke together in a Panel Discussion about Open Source (from zowe to ansible) at the IBM TechXChange 2023
  • z/VM and Linux Working Group at GSE

           - Newcomers were asking for forum or exchange about Linux on zSystems

           - Partners at IBM and Co Chair thought about new forum to fragment these users

           - Next year there is a conference, where to introduce that.

           - Mailing list is the wrong place for that. Berthold does not know, whether this WG is the correct place.

           - There is already a proposal for the new forum. Link:

               → Additional category: Linux 

  • Elizabeth has got less experience with forums. We need notifications about new threads.

    Anybody has to be active there.

    Berthold and others want to be active there. (discussed with Wilhelm Mild) 

    We can receive additional qualified people with Linux knowledge having an eye on all topics.

    Neil has got the idea with Discourse for receiving emails and exchange
  • Sarah is suggesting keeping up the mailing list for Developers and using Discourse/Forum for users.

  • Neil: Tries to get software zeek packaged on Fedora:

  • openSUSE: Enablement of python-onnx for AI on Telum processors (within containers):

8 August 2023


  • Elizabeth K. Joseph (IBM)
  • Sarah Kriesch (openSUSE)
  • David Edelsohn (IBM)
  • Ulrich Weigand (IBM)
  • Daniel Horak (Fedora)