March 15

Ian reviewed Github
We need two reviewers for each task (pull request).

Misty reviewing how to recruit more members and discussed the OpenText Mainframe Modernization Virtual Summit - May 11. Who would like to partcipate?

Rick gave an outline of the definition of modernization and his comments

Everyone needs to go in there and make their comments on the branch on Github pull called "Create"

Que will put this in the email

We reviewed who was part of the group so we can look to see who else we can recruit - we are missing the end customer. How do we get them?

We looked at additional events that could have sessions, including GSE in Germany

Enterprise computing consurtium. 

SHARE New Orleans - we should go as a group. Let's come up with a session for that event on Unified Modernization Definition.

February 15

Discussed permissions for having names listed on website for each member. Everyone on the call agreed to this. Que will follow up with other members via email.

Discussed Modernization definition. We are in need of refining the definition and creating a short definition. There are notes on GitHub from our discussion.

Everyone agreed to the code of conduct listed on GitHub

We need to submit ideas for sessions for upcoming conferences, we will discuss this more in upcoming meetings.

Recording of the meeting is available here:

January 18

We now have a GitHub -

There was a discussion on what we should put on GitHub. We need to be transparent, as such all discussions should be in the public. We need a code of conduct (Misty will work on this).

Rick Perret and Pete McCaffrey have a two paragraph definition of Modernization that they will post to Github. We can all access it and comment on it. 

Bruno shared templates for LinkedIn for getting more people involved with the group.

Recording of the meeting is available here:

December 20

We have a new logo and URL

To dos
Encourage WG members to reshare to their own social media accounts
Misty: Ask Linux Foundation industry porjects (Finance, etc) to promote to their members
Invite coworkers to group
Encourage WG members to send personal invitations to people in related verticals and other vendors
Misty: Write an email to the distribution list that members can cut/paste to their own contacts
Bruno: To send Misty a sample LinkedIn post to include in the email

Misty will put Misty and Rick's definition on confluence

We will continue to discuss what modernization means. We will make this group a place where we can discuss different aspects of modernization.

Whitepaper creation
Next Steps
Pick a topic and try the process out
Ian Mitchell and Misty Decker
Misty: Update the process for creating an optional but highly desired whitepaper, ensure transparency of where content came from and who the points of view are from.

Repository for Content
Github would be the location, Ian will create the Github

Next Steps
Collect input from community
Modernization topics
Examples of content
Not email
Confluence? SurveyMonkey? RFC decison making process? Ian will put something up on confluence. 
Nominations come from GitHub issue process
Ian and Andrew: Write the Readme and Contributing file in the new GitHuib repo
Review GitHub repo review in January 18th meeting
Ask for input starting in Feb or March

Recording of the meeting is available here:

November 16

Review of Principles from Rick Perrett

  • Rick will upload his notes to this page

Review that we voted to remove "Mainframe" from "Mainframe Modernization"

Recordings from previous meetings will be available on Confluence and Slack

Misty reviewed the "Process for Reviewing and Approving Repository Content" 

  • This content is available on Confluence

October 26 (see comments on main page)

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