The Modernization Working Group will create a common definition and framework around modernization in the mainframe space; produce educational material and promote all messages and definitions wider landscape for better alignment.

This webinar with Misty Decker (working group chair), John Mertic (OMP executive director) and Brent Ellis (Senior Analyst at Forrester) explains the history behind this working group and why it's so important.  Move from Modernization Confusion to Modernization Clarity (

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  1. Meeting Notes - October 26, 2022
    We need to change the name of the group. Mainframe Modernization to Modernization (we voted on this and it was unanimous in the affirmative)
    Modernization is not outcome-based
    It needs to be business-based
    Modernization can be viewed as focusing on new technology (i.e. cloud, Java, etc)
    We need to define it as meeting the modern needs of your business
    Analysts are coming around to our way of thinking
    There is an opportunity to narrow in the scope more - idea of Mainframe Application Modernization
    Mainframe Modernization can be viewed as infrastructure
    Our purpose is to educate the market.
    Lessons learned from failed modernization projects
    Definition of modernization could non-endorse a vendor product (make a vendor's modernization idea invalid)
    We go where people are willing to do the work
    Meet in two weeks

    Not developing new code
    Not endorsing any individual vendor products/solutions, keeping the content at the educational level, not marketing

    Common definition and framework of "Mainframe Modernization"
    Educational materials
    Repository of Mainframe Modernization educational materials
    Wish List of Future OMP Modernization Projects

    Customers - saves time, reduces confusion, confidence
    Vendors - simply early conversations, focus efforts on explaining specifics

    Failure Criteria
    Unable to achieve consensus
    Devil is in the details, consensus more difficult with specifics
    Inappropriate balance between mainframe and other options
    Pidgeon holed to mainframe
    Scope creep
    IP Concerns (decision matrix or Method IP for example)

    Success Criteria
    External recognition (customers, analysts, press)
    Customers members of working group (sponsor users?)
    Usage rates of repository
    Simple message with actionable items

    Next Steps
    Define "Modernization" (Rick Perret and Peter McCaffrey volunteered)
    Define Process for Getting Agreement (Ian Mitchell and Misty Decker volunteered)
    Start inventory of Modernization options
    Research options for publishing framework

    Here is the deck from the meeting:

    OMP Modernization Working Group - Oct 26.pptx

  2. Here are the charts from Wednesday's call.  OMP MF Mod WG Defining MF Mod v2 11_16.pptx

    1. I will add the sub-pages as discussed shortly...

  3. Team I don't have an update relative to writing up a short, pithy paragraph on Modernization.   I promise to have in early January.   I'll set up time with Pete to collaborate on this.   Hope everyone has a great holiday and new years!